Members Events Below are some of the trips, Study Days etc that member societies are running and that are open to other East Midlands area groups.  Please contact the groups direct. Conservation and Restoration of Paintings - 8th April 2018  Stamford Society A Journey Through and Beyond the Emperor’s Wardrobe - 27th April 2018 See below for details and booking information. The Arts Society Stamford SPECIAL INTEREST MORNING Venue: The Arts Centre Stamford 10.00am-1.00pm (9.30am Registration) Wednesday, 18th April 2018 Conservation and Restoration of Paintings Sarah Cove These lectures discuss the nature of oil painting materials, from the Middle Ages to the present day, and common problems associated with the ageing and deterioration of, and damage to, easel paintings. These can be on canvas, panel, board or paper in a range of mediums: oil, acrylic, egg tempera, or mixed media. Problems can involve natural deterioration and neglect, accidental damage, vandalism and even war – the most surprising event being a large hole caused by a Turkish cannon ball going through a picture in the 18th century!! Modern ‘museum standard’ approaches to conservation and restoration will be illustrated with detailed slides ranging from early Italian religious paintings in egg tempera via rapid oil sketches on paper by John Constable to 20th century British paintings and modern abstract works. Hints and advice on the general care of paintings in homes is given in liberal doses throughout! Background on conservation and restoration techniques. National Gallery web page on conservation Click here for details and booking form Dukeries Society THE ANNE HOPKINSON STUDY DAY Friday 27th April 2018 Lecturer: David Rosier CHINESE IMPERIAL COURT COSTUME OF THE QING DYNASTY (1644-1911) ‘A Journey Through and Beyond the Emperor’s Wardrobe’ Venue: St. Anne’s Church Hall, Newcastle Avenue, Worksop S80 1NJ These lectures will focus on the costume and dress accessories that fell outside the scope of regulated formal court costume. Consideration will be given to the clothing that would have been worn informally by either members of the Imperial Family, Civil or Military Officials and those in the higher social classes in the Qing Dynasty China. Consideration will be given to robes, and other forms of clothing, that would have been worn on a day to day basis or for special ‘family’ occasions. Explanation will be provided for the more common design themes employed such as dragon imagery and the use of designs from nature and various religions. Particular focus will be given to the highly decorative informal clothing of Chinese Ladies and will consider the design of items such as collars, skirts, and sleeve panels. In addition dress accessories will be reviewed and will include items attached to robe belts (purses, fragrance pouches, fan cases), hats and kingfisher feather jewellery. Finally consideration will be given to the shoes of the period with particular focus on the bound feet shoes worn by Han Chinese Ladies. Click here for further details of programme and a booking form.
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